Seeing is more than just “believing”: it’s inspiring, it’s connecting, it’s empowering.

We care, nurture and interact with what feels like “ours”. I use photography and videography as my secret weapons, shooting reminders of our sense of belonging and joy for being part of this planet together.  

Being the drop that starts the ripple

I’ve been passionate about our planet, wildlife and photography for as long as I can remember. Growing up in different countries, being immersed in different environments and cultures, I’ve always felt a connection that went beyond nationality and borders.

We’re often overwhelmed by our busy lives, and need something powerful to remind us of what we feel passionate about, or where we want to direct our attention and efforts towards. What I call “nature-told stories” do exactly that: we all feel an awe towards nature, it’s a fascination and a pull that is stronger than what we can put into words. It’s where we all belong and unite.

I create these visual stories with global clients to spread their mission and inspire collective action in protecting the natural world. I double down on these efforts by also teaching photography with National Geographic Student Expeditions. Ultimately, my goal is to foster a greater appreciation for our planet, encourage outdoor exploration and drive real conservation impact.

I’m grateful to be living this mission of mine for 10 years now, having my work recognised with international awards, and collaborating with incredible organizations. What’s next? We keep going!

We are all part of this planet, and we are all part of the change that can look after it (and each other). Join me in this ripple effect!  

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The person behind the camera

Meet Mia

my Mission

I feel adamant about putting the beauty of our nature, its power as well as its fragility, in front of as many eyes as I possibly can. We all need to feel energized by it, to remember where it all starts, and to feel mobilized to nurture it. My mission is to translate the essences of stories that are enabling us to remember our natural world (through conservation, education or simply visibility of it). My art is filled and fueled by passion, but translated very concretely into creating impactful imagery for brands to share their unique journeys and messages. I want to create something beautiful and meaningful together, which can engage and impact people from all around the world.

my approach

Authenticity, awareness and respect are key to me. I will work WITH the environment and regional culture, never against it or hindering it in any way. My work is living proof that harmony, coexistence, and constant respect are possible – and actually translate beautifully on camera. It should come as no surprise that damaging interactions with nature, greenwashing, and misrepresentations are big no-no’s for me. You can, of course, expect the same level of consideration for your brand too: I want to portray and celebrate your true vision, and create something that genuinely illustrates you. Your story and the environment will both be in safe and caring hands with me.

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3rd Place National Geographic Photography Awards | Wildlife

Honorable Mention ND Awards | Nature, Other Category

Honorable Mention ND Awards | Special Category

Honorable Mentions Int'l Photography Awards (IPA) | Nature, Underwater Category

Honorable Mention Monovisions Photo Awards | Nature & Wildlife Category

Finalist for the National Geographic Wild film competition “Wild To Inspire”

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