Transform Your Passion Into a thriving Business

1:1 Mentorship

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level and turn it into a successful business? I'm here to help!

As a passionate photographer myself, I know the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting a photography business. But fear not! In our 1:1 mentorship program, I'll be focusing on areas like branding, outreach, and exposure to help you build a strong foundation for your photography business.


Mia is not only a very good and professional photographer with a lot of experience, but also a very helpful and good mentor. After our initial contact and first (video) call, I was immediately hooked and was very excited to start the homework assignments. The mentorship gave me the answers I was looking for and the personal touch made it a very valuable experience. I really feel like the foundation for the rest of my career has been laid.

Koen v. D.

What you can expect..


Personalized Growth Blueprint  

Every artist has a unique vision. Our mentorship begins with a deep dive into your aspirations. We'll tailor a growth blueprint that's as individual as your photography style, focusing on:

  • Photographic Style Development: Cultivate a distinctive style that captures your voice.
  • Branding & Identity: Forge a brand that's both authentic and attractive in your niche market.
  • Strategic Marketing: Explore avenues to elevate your visibility and resonate with your ideal clientele.

Comprehensive Monthly Mentorship

This mentorship is thoughtfully designed to guide you through every facet of professional photography. Each month, you’ll receive:

  • One 60-Minute Video Session: A series of in-depth discussions and workshops to navigate the nuances of professional photography.
  • Personalized Action Plans: Concrete steps designed each month to propel you towards your goals.
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Check-Ins: Consistent support to ensure you’re on track and to address any challenges.
  • Accountability with direct access: access to me at all times for check-ins and support in between calls.
  • Resource Toolkit: A comprehensive collection of resources, including worksheets and templates, designed to align with the topics we explore, empowering you with a competitive advantage.

Master the Business of Photography

By the end of our time together, you will have mastered:

  • Email Outreach: The art of crafting cold emails that get noticed and initiate conversations.
  • Client Engagement Tactics: Relationship-building strategies that turn prospects into loyal clients.
  • Pricing Precision: A comprehensive understanding of how to value and price your work effectively.
  • Professional Positioning: Techniques to present yourself as an indispensable service, not just a cost.
  • Website & Media Kit Polish: A visually impactful website and media kit that captures the essence of your brand.
  • Customer Journey: A roadmap for providing exceptional service throughout your client's experience.
  • Competitive Edge: Insights into navigating photography competitions to bolster your reputation and exposure.
  • Service Diversification: Strategies to expand your offerings and create additional revenue streams.

Who Will Thrive In This Mentorship?

This mentorship is not a one-size-fits-all; it's a bespoke suit tailored to the ambitious photographer.

I am looking for individuals who:

Aspire for Professionalism: You’re ready to shift gears from hobby to a serious professional endeavor.

Are Passionate & Driven: You have the zeal for photography and the determination to see your vision come to life.

Possess a Portfolio: You have begun curating a collection of your work that speaks to your potential.

Commit to Growth: You're eager to learn, evolve, and accept feedback to finesse your skills.

Embrace Mentorship: You are open to guidance, eager to engage with the mentorship process, and committed to implementing the strategies we devise.


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The program was so helpful. Finally know where and how to start a serious photography business! The program really fits all, Mia is spending a lot of time on a personal approach. Got all my questions answered and more!

Senna V.

What I Use

Camera Gear

Sony Camera Body:

Sony Lenses:
FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM
FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS
FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II Lens

Polar Pro * - amazing filters for your camera & drone. Favorite filter: VND | Peter McKinnon Edition II

Peak Design * - some of my favorites: the Travel Tripod and Camera Strap


Topaz Labs * - great software I use to get my photos ready to print! Great tool to remove noise, sharpen and upscale your photography & video footage.

Adobe Lightroom * -my go-to photo editing software

*This is an affiliate link - I only recommend services and tools I know and trust myself. I appreciate your support!

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